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Our Portfolio 

Offering a Unique Range of Products Backed By 30+Years Service Experience.

With a territory covering the entire state of Florida, we deliver exceptional service and are never more than a call away. We take pride in providing the products and service to grow your business. 

TOUCH produces an OneKey Lime, Valencia Orange and Ruby Red Grapefruit selections that are infused with natural oils of locally-sourced fruit which, results in unique, 80-proof vodkas with no added sugar or coloring.   As a result, these vodkas are not overpowering but are easily mixed with any juice or beverage.

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Our tequilas are derived from 100% Blue Agave harvested and produced in the rich volcanic highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Our tequila is handcrafted with a passion for making great tasting tequila and a commitment to quality. It is an honor to provide you with the unique experience of a great tasting tequila. Enjoy!

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Our vision was to redefine the whiskey drinking experience by creating a premium flavored whiskey that would stimulate the senses at each stage of the drinking process, with incredible aroma, remarkable taste, and an extremely smooth finish.

Out of this vision, the award-winning Duke & Dame
Salted Caramel Flavored Whiskey was born.

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Feel the best of the water purified and enriched with our proprietary patent pending CZF

Technology that enhances all the benefits of the water and makes you feel a natural boost.


Salty Iguana 

Salty Iguana about 

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Let’s be clear from the start, we are Bloody Mary enthusiasts. We love the kick of spice, the salted rim of a glass, and a fresh garnish to munch on. Nothing could be better. And it’s not just us...let’s face it, the Bloody Mary has become central to American culture. They’re always around as old friends come together to tailgate before weekend football games, and they’re essential to parties being thrown for everyone else who doesn’t have a ticket. The Bloody Mary is found among weekend golfers, and the chilled salty drink sits among the gloves and goggles of skiers as they settle in for apres ski. The cocktail has always been a perfect fit for brunch, mid-afternoon parties, and any gathering of friends and family. At some point in time for everyone, the Bloody Mary has even been the perfect hangover cure. 

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Individual distilled small batch to maintain control of the delicate

blend of flavors that make it an original artisan spirits, Nicholas Gin

boldly departs from the traditional European roots of gin and forges

its own American legacy, We do this by using a unique blend of 

botanical. The result is a delightful balance of juniper and floral notes with a clean,dry finish.

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Heroes Relief, Inc. and Fat Dog Spirits have team up together to help our veterans and their families.  Heroes Relief, premium vodka is now available for purchase for liquors stores, bars, clubs, and restaurants..  Proceeds from the sale of each bottle will be going to Heroes Relief, Inc. and will help better the lives of Veterans in need.  

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